See what we can do for you!

Engineering Assistance

We play the role to make sure sampling failure be as less as possible by offering professional suggestions on reviewing the engineering design, material, and cost in the begining.

Mould Making / Mold Tooling

We assist customers with quality molding to build a perfact and accurate part.

Production With Complete Raw Material

-Plastic injection
-Plastic extrusion
-Blown film extrusion

Secondary Processing

-Ultrasonic Welding
We have experienced way to bond plastics efficiently
- Back-End Process
- Decoration
If you would like to have special recognition on the part, we have Plating, Pad-printing,Painting, Hot stamping...etc.

Assembly & Packaging

After the production, we have assembly line to assemble your item if needed, and complete to final packaging.

Distribution / Export

Once your items are all completed, we are able to deliver to anywhere including abroad.

Topswor is your best partner for your design and project to come real and sparkle on the top of the world!